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In 2013 founder of MAD Endurance, Karsten Madsen. Was asked by an athlete if he would help write them a program to reach their goal. From that day on he fell in love with coaching and MAD Endurance was born. In that time MAD Endurance has grown tremendously. To the point of needing more hands on deck. We are  thrilled to have Kirsten Sweetland & Jason Wilson join as a coach within the company. Along with Adding Sierra Wreight, Holistic sports Nutritionist.

Focused on being scientifically based with a mix of top level race experience. We are results driven coaching company.

Offering fully customized plans that fit around your family and work life.


Coaching a wide range of sports from Triathlon, Mountain biking, Adventure racing and everything in between. We also take on all abilities from Beginner to Pro. Find the coach and program that fits you.

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Meet the COACHes


Karsten Madsen

Founder / Coach 

Since going professional in 2014, Karsten became a 7x Xterra Major Title Champion, 3x National Champion and placed 2nd overall in the 2019 Xterra Pan Am Tour. In 2018 after two failed attempts at Xterra World Championships in Maui, he had a breakthrough performance and placed 7th. Followed by two more top 10 results at Xterra World Championships and ITU Cross Worlds. In that same time he was building the coaching company you now see today. After spending 7 years training with Triathlon Canada's National team, he accepted in 2019 the role as assistant coach to Canada’s triathlon Olympic program for Tokyo Olympics. In the same year he was named to Xterra’s official certified coaches. Now Karsten coaches mainly out of Whistler BC / Sea to sky


Kirsten Sweetland

Triathlon Coach

Kirsten is a former professional Olympic distance triathlete. She raced on the World Cup circuit from 2006-2016, finishing her career at the Rio Olympic Games. Her greatest achievements were a Junior World Championship title, 2 World Cup gold medals and a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games. She spent a year racing cross country mountain biking, including a Top 10 finish at the 2017 BC Bike Race after retiring. Throughout her career, Kirsten was fortunate to have access to world leading experts in fields such as medicine, physiotherapy, psychology and physiology. She trained under coaching greats such as Joel Filliol and Shaun Stephens. This led her towards her fascination with the human body which has shaped her career today as an RMT and movement teacher. As a health care professional and former Olympian, she possesses the tools needed to help guide you toward your goal event in a fun, yet tactical manner. 

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Jason Wilson

Triathlon Coach

Professional Athlete, Rio 2016 Olympian and Professional Engineer. Jason spent over 10 years competing as a professional athlete around the world. Jason has acquired incomparable real life experiences which he is looking forward to passing on. Jason has competed in over 75 ITU sanctioned races in over 35 different countries, 4 Major Games, 9 world championships and the 2016 Olympic Games. Through his career Jason absorbed valuable information pertaining to training and racing tactics through time spent under the guidance of numerous world class coaches and training side by side with world class athletes.


Ulitmate Level

$595 CAD per month

For the person looking to win at their highest level (age group or elite). In this approach we conduct your high performance through scientific methods and race planning. Utilizing the latest tech and training tools available, like wattage, heart rate, etc. There is no stone left unturned in this approach: race strategy, nutrition, mindset training along with a strength and conditioning program to improve functional strength. The ultimate approach to nailing your goals.

GOLD Level

$395 CAD per month

For the person looking to be in the driver's seat of their program, willing to conduct their own high performance and accomplish the plan written with minimal support. In this approach we write you a detailed and scientifically based customized plan. Delivered weekly to fit and reflect your work life, training and race goals.



I'm very excited to announce I now offer in-person one on one coaching out of the Sea to Sky corridor. The sessions are movement driven through intended work based on becoming more efficient, stronger and faster. 

- Stroke Correction

- Mountain Bike Skills 

- Run Economy Drills

- Open Water Drills

- Transition Work   



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Sierra Wright

Registered Holistic Nutritional Practitioner

Sierra Wright is a Registered Holistic Nutritional Practitioner (RHNP) specializing in sports nutrition and gastrointestinal health. She has extensive experience helping recreational and professional athletes optimize their performance through nutritious food choices. She'll guide you to optimize macronutrient intake (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) according to your sport and training frequency. Sierra focuses on a nutrient-dense, wholesome approach to support the connection of the body, mind, and soul. She creates plans for a healthy relationship with food to increase performance and improve athletic abilities, including recovery, to allow you to perform at a higher level for longer periods.

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Joost & Julie


In Person Clients

We had the pleasure to work with Karsten since November 2018 on stroke correction. He is such a knowledgable, committed and humble coach. He provides feedback in a thoughtful and comprehensible manner and he has been able to correct bad swimming habits I wasn’t even aware of. He comes to every coaching session prepared with specific goals to work on and he continues to build on his teachings and switch it up as needed.  He is such a professional, thoughtful & flexible coach. I would highly recommend Karsten as a coach! You would not be disappointed!!

Kate Lucas 


Online Clients

As a 20yr XTERRA off-road triathlete who has competed in numerous triathlons, I appreciate how Karsten knows how to utilize both road & off-road training from his extensive road & off-road racing background. He has also proven to be very wise about keeping me from burning out, staying injury free and making sure I'm fully healed up at the end of a season to achieve next years goals. While many pros are experts at what they do, ultimately I chose to work with Karsten because of his expertise and his character. He is very relatable, humble, passionate, integral, responsive and positive to work with

Christian Sutlz


In Person & Online Clients

Karsten is an incredible teacher and swim coach. Within a few sessions he provided me with the right tools and drills to noticeably correct and improve my swim stroke. I am very impressed with his passion and first hand knowledge of training for and competing in endurance events. I am looking forward working with Karsten to further improve all aspects of triathlon & coaching me to become a better athlete.

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