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Raising money for WORCA 

At 12am August 1st 2020 I will be starting my attempt at Everesting up  “Into the Mystic” and down “Lord of the Squirrels”. The route I am planning to do will see me ride 208.1km to gain the elevation of Everest (8,848m). The purpose of this event is to raise money for WORCA (Whistler Off Road Cycling Association) as they have experienced a massive budget cut this year (down to $40, 000 from a previous $120, 000). WORCA uses their budget to build trails sustainably, respecting and protecting the surrounding environment. 

When I made a permanent move to Whistler in 2018, I was blown away to see the hard work that was being put into the trails I was riding. I would notice new trails being dug and old ones being upgraded. It became clear to me that Whistler is the standard for trail building and that WORCA is the association responsible for, among many other things, supporting local building. If we want to continue to have the best riding, we need to support our local trail associations - now more than ever! 

As a professional off road triathlete, I see the importance of supporting my local trail association as I rely heavily on the trails in the Whistler area to hone my craft. I personally support WORCA by paying my annual membership fee as well as sharing my thoughts on the idea that everyone that rides the trails should contribute to their upkeep. Whether that be through yearly memberships for those who ride regularly, one-off donations for visitors, or participating in sanctioned ‘trail days’. 

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The Facts

  • Total Distance - 208.1km 

  • 7.2 x Lap  Scotia Nova - Stonebridge - Sirloin - Darwin's - Flank - Into Mystic - On the rocks - Lord of the squirrels 28.9km 1235m gained per lap 

  • Start time 12am bottom of Stone Bridge 

  • Expected time for completion 17-19 hours 

How to support and Win
  • DONATE! 

  • Every donation made your name will be entered into the draw, see below for prizes:

Cush Core 

3x (1) - Cush core set up of your choice

One Up 

OneUp EDC Prize Pack: Threadless Carrier, Tool V2, Pump, Gear Straps


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